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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: Michigan Tree Climbing Championship
When: Friday, September 17, 2021 to Sunday, September 19, 2021

Name Type
Joe Aiken Non Member-Volunteer
Jeremy Arnold Non Member-Volunteer
Guillermo Barillas Member-Volunteer
Brian Barnard Member-Volunteer
Charity Barnes Competitor
Kevin Bingham Non Member-Volunteer
Michael Blankenship Non Member-Volunteer
Scott Bolin Non Member-Volunteer
Andrew Boyd Competitor
Justin Brummette Competitor
Andrew Bump Competitor
Joshua Burr Competitor
Keith Byville Member-Volunteer
Cody Campbell Competitor
Katharine Chornyak Competitor
Eric Clos Competitor
Hillary Cox Non Member-Volunteer
Jason Cutler Out of State Competitor
Parker DePalma Competitor
Jason Diehl Non Member-Volunteer
Nathan Dillon Competitor
Mike Dombrowski Competitor
Mike Drabek Non Member-Volunteer
Lucas Drews Non Member-Volunteer
Lily Elder Non Member-Volunteer
Todd Fleishans Member-Volunteer
Mike Frizzell Non Member-Volunteer
Javin Frost Non Member-Volunteer
Kathy Gilmour Member-Volunteer
Jesse Giraud Competitor
Noah Giraud Competitor
Josh Gleason Member-Volunteer
Sarah Greene Non Member-Volunteer
BRENDON HAROOK Non Member-Volunteer
Curt Holsinger Member-Volunteer
theodore hubert Competitor
Robert Hunt Member-Volunteer
Bethany Kemppainen Member-Volunteer
Timothy Kennedy Non Member-Volunteer
Kyle Kibbe Competitor
William Klanderman Competitor
Justin Kohn Member-Volunteer
julie ledford Non Member-Volunteer
Abdon Leon-Espinosa Competitor
Jordan Lynch Competitor
Austin Mccreary Non Member-Volunteer
Brian McWhirter Competitor
Michael Meredith Competitor
Daniel Mishler Non Member-Volunteer
Kyle Mooney Non Member-Volunteer
Mike Moreno Competitor
Jack Novak Competitor
Jeremy Ogrizovich Non Member-Volunteer
Gabriel Paielli Member-Volunteer
Michelle Parshall Non Member-Volunteer
Shanon Petruska Non Member-Volunteer
Jennifer Potter Member-Volunteer
Brian Rathbun Competitor
Adam Reittenbach Member-Volunteer
James Retzlaff Member-Volunteer
Jack Richardson Competitor
Carl Romero Non Member-Volunteer
Sara Routheaux Competitor
Nick Russo Competitor
Sean Ryan Competitor
Kristian Schultz Non Member-Volunteer
Scott Schuster Member-Volunteer
Cody Schwartz Competitor
Bill Scott Competitor
Oliver Shatrousky Member-Volunteer
Patrick Shiels Competitor
Christian Siewert Member-Volunteer
Dean Simionescu Competitor
Joe Smith Member-Volunteer
James Son Competitor
Julie Stachecki Member-Volunteer
Johnny Swoffer Non Member-Volunteer
Nick Taylor Competitor
Jeremy Tyson Member-Volunteer
Scott Van Sice Competitor
Matt Velderman Competitor
Lee Voigt Non Member-Volunteer
Brandon Waldrop Competitor
Corban Walton Member-Volunteer
Ryan Whitson Competitor
John Widman Competitor
Brian Williams Competitor
Jordan Williams Competitor
Robert Wiszowaty Competitor
Corey Wlder Non Member-Volunteer