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Message to Senate Task Force

Annie Kruise  | Published on 4/10/2020

Governor Whitmer’s Contact:

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey:


Members of the Senate Task Force Include:

  • Sen Ken Horn, Chair


Message to Senate Task Force:


I am writing today to request that you please recommend to the Governor to recognize the UPDATED Federal CISA Guidelines that include Landscapers/Tree Care as a critical infrastructure workforce (this guideline is referenced in Executive Order No. 2020-21).


Tree Care and Landscape professionals protect the urban infrastructure by maintaining the essential living environments around hospitals, government facilities, housing areas, parks, schools, and more, protecting public safety by:

• Performing regular tree pruning maintenance and inspect for safety and security issues
• Performing essential treatments to reduce the spread of dangerous and deadly tree diseases transmitted by pests like emerald ash borer and oak wilt
• Performing hazard tree removal that may fall on houses, business, or infrastructure to keep communities safe
• Cabling or bracing a hazardous tree
• Managing invasive species
• Keeping public and private pathways free from obstruction and potential risk
• Assessment of hazard trees or pest issues for the purposes of removal or treatment


Spring is a critical time of year for our industry due to the abundance of growth in the spring that requires prompt maintenance and care. Any halt or delay in tree care services during this time of year only magnifies potential safety problems and become much more difficult to maintain later in the year.

The nature of tree care and landscape work, which is performed outdoors, individually, or in small teams with little public contact poses a lower risk of spreading COVID-19. According to OSHA classifications, the landscape industry falls in the “lower risk” category of exposure (the lowest level on their occupational classification of risk for COVID-19).


Who is best to educate the Michigan Legislators and be a voice for tree care than the tree care professionals...YOU!


We recommend everyone in your company communicate to this task force —you and your entire team!  Feel free to share this message to your clients as well.